What is a Recurrence ?


Explaining Recurrences

In order to create an Intuitive and Clean structure and also to make relations between what the user pays and Membership Levels we’ve created the Recurrences. Recurrences are more or less Payment Tiers you can define within any given Membership Level. 

For example as a Blogger i would like my Followers to have the possibility of subscribing to my content for a Gold Membership by paying different Amounts in different Cycles (let’s say $10 / month, $28 / every 3 months, $55 / every 6 months and $100 / year). In other Membership Plugins this could only be achieved by creating for each amount you want to receive  a new Membership Level with the amount and Cycle Time so we would have MULTIPLE Memberships as follows:

  1. Gold Membership $10 / month which will have this monthly payment and it’s own rules
  2. Gold Membership $28 / every 3 months which will have a 3 months cycle time and it’s own rules
  3. Gold Membership $55 / every 6 months which will have a 6 months cycle time and it’s own rules
  4. Gold Membership $55 / yearly which will have a yearly cycle time and it’s own rules
This can get really cluttering and frustrating if you have multiple Membership Tiers or if you want to add other cycles down the road. For example we would have another 4 Memberships for a Silver Tier and another 4 for a Platinum Tier etc … 

Well with Membership by PluginsCorner Recurrences, things get a LOT simpler. For each Tier you only have to define ONE Membership Level (Gold Membership),  and within that membership you can define Unlimited Recurrences with any cycle times

Creating a Recurrence

A Recurrence is defined by a set amount of time that needs to pass in order for the membership to be renewed. For example: A user can subscribe for a Membership and pay every 30 days. But maybe you also want the same membership level to be available for 3 months payment or even a yearly payment. Well this is where Recurrences come in. You can define as many as you like and they will be displayed in the Registration Form along with each membership level so potential subscribers can choose which option fits them best. You can define the following for any Recurrence:

  1. The Amount you want to charge. If you want to offer a free subscription you can just leave this at 0.
  2. The Currency you want to receive in your payment gateway.
  3. The Recurrence Itself which is the number of cycles which can be 30 Days or 3 Months or 1 Year as examples. The combination of number / Days / Months / Years gives you the freedom to customise your recurrences to your needs
  4. The End Subscription option offers you the possibility to offer a membership for a finite period of time. This option works together with the Recurrence option which defines the number of Cycles the new member will go through before the Subscription Ends. 0 means it’s infinite and the subscription can only be closed by you or the member who purchased it

Note: Another VERY IMPORTANT aspect to be taken into consideration is the fact that once a Recurrence has active Members assigned (*a customer purchased any Recurrence within the Membership Level) you CANNOT delete that Recurrence anymore. This is done because as recurring payments are received Membership by PluginsCorner checks the customer’s access and Tier every time so it can Guarantee the correct Membership Placement. Once a membership is sold the Delete trash icon will be greyed out and deactivated so the Membership Level cannot be accidentally deleted.

That’s it ! Once you’ve created a recurrence you can start selling a Membership Level in the registration Form. You can now learn How to Sell a particular Membership Level or Recurrence in the Registration Form

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