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Membership By Plugins Corner

PLUCO Membership

Build Memberships Quick and Easy with "Membership by Plugins Corner"

Build membership blogs or websites, sell online courses, or even digital products with PLUCO Membership. Check out how easy it is.

Is it that easy ?

Easy to use

The Administration area is clean and up to standards. A crisp design and an intuitive User Interface and User Experience are some of our main focus points. 

Why ?
Because in a complex plugin like a membership plugin it is very easy to get confused with what you need to set up in order to have everything working. Worry no more, everything is at your fingertips and where you expect it to be

Popular Payment Methods

PayPal & Stripe Integration

Get paid for your hard work with any of the integrated payment methods. Paypal and stripe are the most popular integrations our there. 

All you need is your API keys, and to set up your payment notification URLs and all your memberships can accept payments from that payment method

Custom Roles

Create your own roles

Roles are very important when it comes to user management.

Even though WordPress comes with a number of pre-set roles. With Membership by Plugins Corner you can create your own roles and the plugin will assign them to your members as soon as they register. The roles are automatically kept for the user even if they were changed by mistake.

Custom Post Types Made Easy

Create custom Post Types from any screen with Instant Post Types

Instant Post Types

Instant Post Types

Build Memberships Quick and Easy with "PLUCO Membership"

We’ve started our journey with our first product called Instant Post Types which will allow you to add a custom post type or a taxonomy from any screen of the admin area so you won’t have your flow interrupted.